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Freedom to Monetize

Because you're expected to grow an audience, manage a community, earn from what you love doing, keep a track of algorithms and trends; all the while staying on top of your creative game

Profile and Dashboard for Creators
Social Media

Social shouldn't be this hard

Creator Monetization tools don't focus on social media features.

Social Media is all about ads, algorithms and exploiting your data, with addictive low quality content for your users.

No more juggling multiple apps to get what your content deserves.


Create what's true to you

Creators are incentivized to be authentic, and are given clear ownership of their creations.

Empower your regular social media content with Subscriptions, Merchandise, NFTS, Live Sessions, Workshops, Podcasts Campaigns, 1-on-1 interactions, personalized video/text/audio messages and more!

Introducing Star Coins

All transactions on STARBEAT happen in Star Coins, a powerful, low-friction digital currency

  • Transact & Withdraw from anywhere, anytime in your own currency.
  • Simplified Transactions as we navigate crypto for you.
  • It's designed to be safe, secure and transparent for all users.
Star Coin

More than just NFTs

From creating wallets to sales, auctions to even reselling on Open Sea, we’ve uncomplicated NFTs for everyone on STARBEAT

  • Protect your digital rights and authentic content.
  • Own all your data and control your privacy.
  • Send your fans digital autographs, photos, video messages and more with complete credibility and proof of originality.

Early Access Creators get a rebate on the Transaction Fees from us

As compared to slashing over 50% of a creator's revenue for advertisers and publishers like other social media, we charge a token to maintain our services, data storage and actively work towards developing a more creator-driven social media

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product

So is this Free?
Yes, it's completely free to use. Creators can create content and decide whether they want to keep it free for followers or exclusive for subscribers who are willing to pay.
How do NFTs work?
When it's time to mint, we'll help you create a crypto wallet to store, sell and list your NFTs for free, right from the app.

We have an embedded MetaMask wallet which lets you import your existing wallet as well
How do Live Sessions, Stardubs & Shoutouts work?
No third party integration required (e.g. Zoom).Schedule a live session and start directly from the app. It works just like any other social media!

Stardubs let your fans remix authentic content, Shoutouts are personalized video messages creators can send to fans as part of a perk
What is your withdrawal policy?
In Early Access, creators can start withdrawing as soon as they hit 200 coins or 25 subscribers
Can I change my subscription midway?
Creators can edit plans for new subscribers coming in.

Fans can always upgrade to a higher plan. Their plan benefits will unlock instantly & upgraded plan will begin after their current plan ends. Win-Win.
How do I change/remove account details?
You can change account details from the app itself.

You can also pause/suspend your account to keep your data or request deletion for a complete wipe

Still have questions?

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